Contract Manufacturing

We offer contract manufacturing of OEM components and parts for automation equipment. If you are searching for the right contract manufacturing company, we offer a full range of services for product assembly. Actionpaq can perform sub and/or full assembly of complete operating packaging machinery, heat tunnels, and magnetic assembly of robotics. We can also provide turnkey assembly kits allowing you to assemble. Whether your needs are for sub-assembly and components, full assembly, or turnkey, Actionpaq has the ability to meet your needs.​

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey, high-performing machinery designed, manufactured, and built for our OEM partners.

Custom Integration

Modify existing or create new designs to support One Motion Mag-Drive Technology.

APQ Services

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Turnkey Equipment

One Motion Mag-Smart technology is suitable for common & complex conveyance applications. Direct Drive Technology increases efficiency and reduces maintenance cost.



With open loop synchronous motion, our powered hubs can precisely control the spacing & timing of product.



Mag-Drive merge systems can be designed to fit your space requirements and application needs.



Servo motion, without the servo motor. Mag-Drive technology makes things just work. Say goodbye to servos.