Lean Manufacturing

At Actionpaq, we work with OEM’s all over the globe to help them reduce manufacturing costs while improving the delivery of machining. Lean Manufacturing allows you to streamline your operations and reduce costs and production downtime by eliminating waste. ​With our lean manufacturing solutions, you can take advantage of our “just in time” deliveries to minimize warehousing in-house. Holding your products in our North American distribution center will provide you with shorter lead times for delivery. Less cash is needed to float the cost of product. For roughly the same cost as sea freight you’re able to have your inventory held elsewhere until it’s needed. We are able to offer this by the consolidation of products being shipped to one location. Multiple solutions are available depending on your company’s needs. Whether, it’s a yearly production schedule or just a particular project for a short term solution.

Lower Cost

Reduce your warehousing overhead.

Faster Delivery

Reduce lead time on shipping.

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